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The Australian Labradoodle is a relatively new breed of dog which was bred in Australia. It is a cross of five breeds – King Poodle, medium and mini, Labrador Retriever, English and American Cocker Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel.

Royal guide dog association

In the late 1980s, the Australian Association received a special request from a visually impaired woman from Hawaii. She asked for a guide dog that would not cause allergies in her husband. Wally Conron, breeding manager at the Royal Australian Guide Dogs Association – Guide Dogs Victoria, decided to cross two proven breeds known for their intelligence, trainability and hypoallergenic coat. The result of crossing the Labrador named “Brandy” and the Standard Poodle named “Harley” were puppies of the new breed called Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle

The Labradoodle’s popularity as a guide dog grew rapidly, though despite this, they continued perfecting its qualities. The Labradoodle was crossed with the American and English Cocker Spaniel and the Irish Water Spaniel, resulting in a high-quality breed with hypoallergenic fur that does not shed or cause allergies or asthma. By crossing Labradoodles with dogs from the royal association, they also improved dog’s temperament, their ability to undergo rigorous training and maintain the temperament of a service guide dog. And thus began the history of the Australian Labradoodle breed.

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Australian Labradoodle Slovakia, fenky Taffy Coco a Paris

Internationally recognized breed

The Australian Labradoodle (ALD) soon became a very popular and desirable breed in Australia, the USA and Europe. It is recognized by the ALA in Australia, ALAA in the United States, ALAEU in Europe and the worldwide association WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association).

True Love Australian Labradoodles

Raising healthy, trained dogs registered in a worldwide association requires a lot of time, attention, professional veterinary care and constant education. We want to raise our dogs in-home and will always consider them members of our family. True Love Australian Labradoodles’ mission is to raise happy dogs whose puppies will bring joy to your families and improve the quality of your life as they do for us. Dogs are our joy and with their honest outlook and playful nature they can put a smile on our face every day.

Australian Labradoodle Slovakia