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to True Love Australian Labradoodles

We are registered breeders for the multi-generational Australian Labradoodle (ALD) in Slovakia. Our desire is to establish a high-quality breeding program of this exceptional breed with diverse colors and sizes. Their hypoallergenic coat is non-shedding, odorless and ideal for people with allergies. In our breeding program, you will find dogs that have the best character traits and excellent health in their bloodline. The Australian Labradoodle is an ideal family dog. They have a peaceful nature, love children, are playful and get along well with other animals. Thanks to their high intelligence and ability to undergo rigorous dog training, they are also suitable as assistance dogs and therapy dogs.
Australian Labradoodle Slovakia
Finch (assistant dog) – New Life Doodles

Four-legged angels

Dogs are very sensitive and have a direct connection to our heart. They are able to perceive energies, disperse them and completely absorb negative energies. When they sense that we need them, they start licking us and wagging their tails. That way they harmonize the energies around us and take care of our health. Dogs are natural therapists. Whether we chose the dog or it came to us by a strange coincidence, it has a special spiritual mission in our lives. Dogs are our four-legged angels! Love your dogs, give them kind care and a home, and they will return it tenfold with their loyalty, devotion and unconditional love.

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