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In this text, you will read what the breeder guarantees to the owner.

General health guarantee:

  1. The breeder guarantees that at the time the owner adopts the puppy, its overall state is healthy.
  2. The general health guarantee remains valid for 72 hours from the moment the puppy is adopted from the breeder and automatically expires at the end of the 72-hour period. After this period, the breeder has no further obligations towards the owner, according to the General Health Guarantee.
  3. If the veterinarian assesses and documents in writing that the puppy has a chronic or other serious health problem, the owner can return the puppy to the breeder at his own expense. The breeder will return the amount paid to the owner or deliver another puppy from the next available litter.
  4. The general health guarantee is void if the veterinarian determines that the puppy’s chronic or other serious health condition was caused or induced by the owner’s abuse or lack of care for the puppy.

Genetic health guarantee:

  1. In accordance with the following points, the breeder guarantees that the puppy is free of any genetic disorder (“Genetic Health Guarantee”).
  2. The genetic health guarantee remains valid for 24 months after the birth of the puppy.
  3. If, within the Genetic Health Guarantee period, at least two qualified veterinarians confirm that the puppy suffers from a life-threatening or life-changing genetic disorder severe enough to make the puppy unsuitable as a family companion or must be euthanized, the breeder agrees to providing the owner with the following options:
    1. Option to keep the puppy – if the owner decides to keep the puppy, the breeder will cover 75% of the expenses for veterinary treatment directly related to the treatment of the genetic disorder, up to a maximum of €1,000. The breeder will pay the expenses after receiving the veterinary bills. The breeder will not pay the cost of diagnostic testing, any expenses incurred prior to diagnosis by a second veterinarian selected by the breeder, or any transportation or travel expenses.
    2. Return the puppy to the breeder – if the owner decides to return the puppy to the breeder, the breeder either:
      1. provides the owner with a replacement puppy as soon as a replacement puppy is available. The owner must pay all shipping or other charges associated with the transportation of the original puppy and the replacement puppy.
      2. the breeder will return €1,000 to the owner.
  4. The Genetic Health Guarantee does not cover diseases common to any living creature, including, but not limited to: ear infections, food or environmental allergies, misaligned teeth, weak heart murmurs, infections, hernias, ingestion of foreign objects, injuries, infectious diseases, death, etc.
  5. The owner is required to comply to these requirements:
    1. Feed the puppy quality food.
    2. Do not overfeed the puppy or allow it to become overweight, as this would increase the weight of developing bones and joints.
    3. During the first year of life, do not walk the puppy for more than 30 minutes twice a day.
    4. During the first year of life, do not take the puppy for runs.
    5. Do not force the puppy to regularly walk up and down the stairs.
  6. Apart from the General Health Guarantee and the Genetic Health Guarantee, the breeder does not provide the owner with any other guarantees.